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@ Het snoepwinkeltje

We have so many items and it was not feasible to settle everything by hand. With Made2pay's cash register, we can use the barcode to scan all items and get them ready on our pin solution with Sumup

The challenge:
We had been looking for some time for a solution that could take work off our hands with a scanning capability. This is because we have more than 1,000 items and that is impossible to keep track of and settle with customers by hand. We always thought a system would be prohibitively expensive for us.

The search:
We eventually came across Made2pay's app through the appstore and immediately downloaded it through our iPad. The app said it had a scanning option and we could just try the app for free for 14 days with no payment obligation. We found out very quickly that this checkout app was very easy for us to set up, without any knowledge! Within 2 days, we had already decided that this app would become our POS system and we were able to make our purchase very easily.

The solution:
Currently, we have been working with the cash register for more than a year and to our complete satisfaction. Our customers pick out sweets in the shop, come to the checkout, scan the products and in a few moments we automatically checkout via Sumup. The customer can pay directly with his debit card by paying contactless, how nice is that!

Try us for free!

You can download our apps for free for iOS and Android. Try us out for 14 days for free with no payment obligation and choose how you want to work with us, easy right?