Clothing & fashion

A POS system that allows you as a smaller retailer to serve your customers in the best possible way. No need for an expensive solution, use this app and you will be surprised how easy it can be!

Manage your retail shop as it should be

Easily import products via the import module or customise them easily in the app.

Work with a barcode scanner and scan products to enter orders

Link a payment method and prepare orders automatically on a pin machine

Print receipts, work with gift vouchers and process returns in a jiffy

Running a shop has never been easier!

This cash register helps you manage your entire retail shop and take work off your hands

Get insight into your sales with our statistics manager. See which products are selling a lot!

Manage your stock and avoid running out of sales

Manage your staff and give them unique PIN to log in

On witch devices i can use the app?
  • Our devices work on Android 8.0 and higher and for iOS 12 or higher. For Android we advice a minimum of 1 GB RAM per device.
I dont have an internet connection?
  • no problem, this app works without internet connection and all files are stored on your device
Is it easy to connect printers?
  • Its verry easy to connect you printer trough the app. If your device is connected to the same netwerk as the printer, the app will find automatically your printer. Just select the printer you want and he is connected. Now you can easly print orderbills and register bills
Is there a back-up when my device chrashes?
  • All files are stored on your device. If your using Apple, the back-up is on the iCloud. When you are using the Google Play Store, your Back-up is on your Google account. Just pick a new device, login with your account and sell your products in a minute

Try us for free!

You can download our apps for free for iOS and Android. Try us out for 14 days for free with no payment obligation and choose how you want to work with us, easy right?